Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tickets to 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis Could Cost More Than $1,000

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Tickets for last year's Super Bowl in Tampa cost $1,000 each at a minimum, the Associated Press reported. By 2012, when Indianapolis hosts the big game, tickets likely will be much higher.
At last year’s game, the average price of tickets on StubHub, the online resellers, was $4,300.
Ticket prices for the first Super Bowl, played at the Los Angeles Coliseum 43 years ago, were $6, $10 and $12. They went over the $100 mark in 1988 and have increased regularly since.
The face value on the seats is expected to be about $1,000 apiece, though seats already are selling for much more on the secondary market through various ticket brokers and sports travel outfits.

Prices on the secondary market range between about $2,400 per seat for the most remote tickets, all the way up to more than $12,000 for prime seats with a great view of the action.

Ready to buy tickets? Call 800-840-9227 to speak with a Vivid Seats representative.


Anonymous said...

I think that the ticket price for these games is sickning!!!! It makes it so people that really enjoy the game of football can't even go see a great game when it is in the area. I have lived in Alvin IL. my whole life and never have been close enough to hear the roar and finally a super bowl I normal farm boy could make after a life time dedication to a sport and tickets are more than I make in a month. It a sad day.. isn't this country in a resestion and with all the money we pay these players to do something millions would do for 10$ an hour they could come out of pocket to make games like this a little more reachable for the people that give them the option to be this popular!!!! Remember fellas without the fans there is no game!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Who is going to get their brains smashed in for $10/hr while the teams owners make hundreds of millions per year? Tailgate at the game and then go watch the game at a local restaurant on television. Its basic and demand. As for me.....Im in the market for a couple tickets so let me know if you find any! BTW....Its "recession" and we are now out of it so you better start saving your money. Sincerely McJiggy

Anonymous said...

mcjiggy get a life i think that guys right

Anonymous said...

mcjiggy you sound sound like a liberal fool that believes public media haha

Anonymous said...

I think the games should be more affordable. If I can take my kids to a game in my home state, because the tickets are too pricey, then it;s too much. My parents payed $40 a ticket a few yrs back for a colts-broncos game. That was still too high when you had 6 in the family.

Anonymous said...

I love football. ADORE it... I wish I had the means to go to a superbowl game. That'd be like most amazing thing ever, next to having my kids...
Will I ever get to go? I seriously doubt it.I'm a mom of 3 working a regular job making regular pay.
Every year I think well maybe this year will be the year. and every year I see the prices and it's depressing. I work over 50 hours a week and I can't go to the big game. Not even just once.
The NFL capitalizes on this game. Reminds me of price gouging on gas, and personally I don't think it's right. The rich get richer and the normal get left out.
It's the American way I guess.....

Anonymous said...

I concur that it is a sad thing when the All American sport is soo unobtainable that it's a dream that we, the average American, have to save for multiple years to achieve. Even if I could be soo fortunate as to get my hands on a "golden" ticket there is always the expense of the travel to where ever the game is located at. But I want to go at least once in my life time soo, as I work the daily grind when I get the opprotunity to get OT, I plug it into my 'Make a wish' savings account. One day... :)

Anonymous said...

I agree the prices are ridiculous. I would love to go to a game. All American sport uh? I don't think so... I support this game every season. I'm single mom and i want to see a damn game. Come on NFL, get it together fire the real fans... Smdh!

Anonymous said...


IndyTimes said...

Sorry about that, Ravens fans. It was not intentional. Unfortunately the poll feature doesn't allow any changes after votes are made. Leave a comment if your pick is the Ravens and I'll tally them up at the end!

Anonymous said...

$1,000.00+ for Super Bowl 46. Absolutly insane. I am a season ticket holder for the Packers and I did not get picked in the loteery. If I would have been "lucky" to get picked the total estimated price for my wife and I to go would have costed Approx. $5,000.00 Did I mention, absolutly insane!! LOWER the prices.

Anonymous said...

Live in Wisconsin; grew up in Indy; would love to return for SB and watch the Packers play. Of course they will be playing in SB 2012. However, I cannot bring myself to spend that amount of our very hard earned money. Guess I will have to try and win some tickets...Anyone know of contests out there?

Anonymous said...

I agree The Super Bowl is for the rich only! Ive tried for years to get tickets.The people who have made the prices this high should go to jail for stealing from the public.I might make good money but cant come close to buy a ticket. These big corporations should give out hundreds of tickets to people outside so they can actually be there one time. Im going to buy scalpers but I am not paying more than face value!

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